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Election Jitters in Ivory Coast & Tanzania, U.S police shootings

As another round of #BlackLivesMatter protests hit the U.S, Tanzania’s opposition politicians decried intimidation ahead of October elections. Missed this week’s big stories? Here’s a 3-minute recap #TheWeekin3 …

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Mali’s Coup, Belarus Unrest and Kenya’s Revenue Stand-Off

Missed the news? Here is what made headlines around the world this week. …

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My Mum Died Waiting For Her COVID-19 Results

Martin Ochieng' is making burial arrangements for his mother who recently died in hospital. He shares his family's struggle to admit her in a well-equipped hospital and the long wait for her COVID-19 results.This is our full and unedited conversation ...…

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Caring for a COVID 19 patient at home

Kenyan hospitals are overwhelmed and the state of the economy is not looking good. With the coronavirus pandemic still raging on, are you prepared to care for yourself or someone sick at home? …

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How Kenyan medics are contracting COVID-19

More than 200 Kenyan health workers have contracted COVID-19. Medics want the government to do more to protect those on the frontline of fighting the disease. What needs to be done to protect these essential workers? …

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Is Kenya Ready to Open Her Skies Again?

President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that international air travel would resume on August 1st. We wondered, has Kenya taken enough measures to ensure that the lives of it's people and that of the visitors coming in are safe? …

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Who Created the Mask?

Have you ever wondered who created the mask and why it's important during health pandemics? 😷 Patrick Gatua explores. …

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Did pollution reduce during the restrictions?

Remember when Osman Siddiqi took the famous photo capturing Mt. Kenya from Westlands, Nairobi? Everyone wondered whether the landmark was clear because of reduced air pollution during Covid-19 restrictions. Debunk Producer and data journalist Wakini Njogu put the ...…

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Culture in the midst of a pandemic: Lessons from Ja Chiga’s chaotic funeral

On the morning of June 11, 2020, Benard Obonyo breathed his last at St. Jairus Hospital in Kisumu. Were it not for who he was and the kind of following he commanded, his funeral would have been just like any ...…

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