Kenya’s Vaccine Headache 

February 9, 2021
by Patrick Gatua
The country has taken a rather eased approach when it comes to shutting down its borders to other countries. Having Kenya open to the rest of the world is great for the economy but risky to the health system that ...
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 The Virus with Different Coats

January 15, 2021
by Patrick Gatua
Once a virus enters the human body, it crafts a way to survive the vicious attacks from the ever vigilant immune system. ...
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Tracking the vaccine race

January 7, 2021
by Christine Soares and Travis Hartman
The race to create vaccines against the novel coronavirus is entering a critical stretch, with several candidates that were first out of the gate beginning to release late-stage trial data and possibly seeking early regulatory approval. Multiple “winners” are likely ...
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Who Follows COVID-19 rules and Who Doesn’t? Kenya and Denmark Case Study

November 23, 2020
Why do some societies find it harder to wear masks, maintain social distancing and adhere to set curfews or lockdowns? It comes down to one simple but vital virtue that must be shared by members of one community- Trust. Debunk's ...
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“This Thing Almost Killed Me”

November 15, 2020
by Daniel Ominde
Reflections from a young Kenyan man who survived COVID-19. ...
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How hospitals pick which patient to prioritise during a surge

November 12, 2020
During a surge in the number of coronavirus patients, hospitals often have to prioritise who gets medical care first. But how do triage officers make these difficult decisions? ...
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OPINION VLOG: Flying During the Pandemic

July 22, 2020
Kenya resumed domestic flights and we sent our creative team to observe how different flying has become during the pandemic. We asked them to vlog their experience and to be as opinionated as possible. ...
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Culture in the midst of a pandemic: Lessons from Ja Chiga’s chaotic funeral

July 7, 2020
by Daniel Ominde
On the morning of June 11, 2020, Benard Obonyo breathed his last at St. Jairus Hospital in Kisumu. Were it not for who he was and the kind of following he commanded, his funeral would have been just like any ...
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