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Cecilia Makiwane: In Memory of Africa’s First Nurse

Cecilia’s title as a nurse paved the way for many other African women who followed suit. Her name is inscribed in the legacy of the Makiwane family, which produced several pioneers during her time and while her time alive was brief, she inspired cohorts of African nurses who came after her.

From The Stage To The Bedroom: When Couples Work Together Paul Ogola

Work, Play and Forever After: When Couples Work Together

As they work to stamp their prowess in the acting industry both locally and internationally, they reminisce about the growth they have made in separating work from their relationship.

Are We Rocking The Tutu Skirt In 2021?

Modern fashion has picked up the romantic tutu style and turned it into a must-have item in most girl's wardrobes; a unique fashion piece that transcends age, body shape, or body size.

YOLO and Other Risky Stories

Choosing someone to marry can become an overly complex process. You can take the “maximizing” approach by listing pros and cons, multiplying them by their probabilities, and adding the results thereof.
A Call of the Motherland: Africa’s Musical Connection to its Diaspora

A Call Of The Motherland: Africa’s Musical Connection To Its Diaspora

African Diaspora’s special relationship with the motherland reignites after the long night that was the transatlantic slave trade, which witnessed the violent kidnapping of Africans to be shipped as free labourers in faraway lands.
The Anime Culture In Kenya

The Anime Culture In Kenya

Anime merchandise has also been very effective in attracting people to the genre. Pop up shops in the convention and online businesses which sell figurines and artefacts from different anime series have got fans hooked. ...
The Rise of Electronic Dance Music In East Africa

The Rise of Electronic Dance Music In East Africa

Electronic Dance Music as we know it was seen as an accessory of the privileged upper middle classes and Caucasian communities, before a cultural shift moved this genre of music into the powerhouse that it ...

Chadwick Didn’t Need An Oscar

Chadwick’s work on the silver screen has never fallen short of greatness. His portrayal of black historical icons always brought out an impressive performance after the next.

Is Time Running Out For Movie Hubs?

When COVID-19 broke out, Jay’s business took a hit, like most other ventures. Things started to open up months later, but it wasn’t the case for Jay’s Movies.

“Just Do It!” The Gift Lorna Left Us

You have to be careful about the words you choose to hear spoken about you”, Lorna would say, because in some instances, even doctors didn’t believe she would pull through.

So Long, Lorna

Lorna raised a generation of us in the school that was her life, showing us time and again that we are more than our physical condition.