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Forest Degradation is Threatening Kenya’s Rift Lakes

September 15, 2020
The water level at Kenya’s Lake Baringo has been rising gradually. The lake has burst its banks and is submerging houses, schools, hospitals, tourist lodges and highways. Scientists are concerned that the freshwater lake may soon merge with its southern ...
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Does Kenya Have a Gun Control Problem?

September 8, 2020
Gun violence and misuse of firearms are on the rise in Nairobi and other parts of the country. Kenya has about 750,000 civilian firearms in total, with licensed firearms accounting for less than 5%. But, does Kenya have a gun ...
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South Africa Investigates COVID-19 Corruption Scandal

September 4, 2020
As South Africa and Kenya begin investigations into corruption allegations surrounding Covid-19 funds, India has banned 118 apps from China and Uganda celebrates a baby boom; a gorilla baby boom. ...
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Why Kenya’s Senate is Fighting Over a Revenue Sharing Formula

September 1, 2020
That's the number of times that Kenyan senators have failed to reach an agreement on a formula that would be used to share revenue between the 47 counties. The debate has been marred with controversy and allegations of political under-dealings. ...
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Election Jitters in Ivory Coast & Tanzania, U.S police shootings

September 1, 2020
As another round of #BlackLivesMatter protests hit the U.S, Tanzania’s opposition politicians decried intimidation ahead of October elections. Missed this week’s big stories? Here’s a 3-minute recap #TheWeekin3 ...
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Mali’s Coup, Belarus Unrest and Kenya’s Revenue Stand-Off

September 1, 2020
Missed the news? Here is what made headlines around the world this week. ...
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Freedom too Far? Edgar Obare and the Era of Doxing

August 17, 2020
by Wakini Njogu
Kenyan vlogger Edgar Obare, popularly known as the ‘TeaMaster’ for the hot gossip he shares on his social media accounts, recently found himself on the receiving end of law enforcement after he shared travel visa details of Natalie Tewa, another ...
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