Marijuana, Testosterone, and Other Hurdles to the Olympics

19 July 2021
In a world where gender identities have become polarizing, World Athletics is battling to find its place on the right side of history. ...
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What Makes An Olympic Sport

7 June 2021
Over the years, the number of sports played at the Olympics fluctuates, with some games gaining a spot on the roster while others getting dropped. ...
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Kenya’s Kabbadi Superstar

29 April 2021
Kabaddi is a contact sport between two teams of seven players that is played on a map. Each team stands on opposite sides of the map. The attacking team sends out a raider whom the defending team has to stop ...
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“Play, Don’t Talk.” The Gagging Crisis in Sports

9 April 2021
When Mesut Ozil tendered his resignation from the German National Team in 2018, citing racial abuse and discrimination, he attracted worldwide criticism and acclaim in equal measure. Ozil’s decision, conveyed in an impassioned statement on his social media pages, was ...
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