Sacrificing Harambee Starlets

1 March 2022
When Nick Mwendwa replaced Sam Nyamwea as president of the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) in February 2016, one of his promises was to elevate women’s football in the country. And in counting his administration’s achievements, Mwendwa has bragging rights for ...
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Football’s European Born African Stars

24 February 2022
It so happens that players born in Europe to African parents are now choosing to play for African countries instead of their European countries of birth; Geoffrey Kondogbia of Central African Republic, Moroccan Mehdi Benatia, Gabon’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang were all ...
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All Hail Aliou Cisse’s Lions of Teranga

13 February 2022
When Mane stepped up to take the penalty, the execution was so powerful and precise that even Gabaski's dive and stretch could not reach it. Mane hit the football with the venom of a man who was tired of anti-football, ...
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My AFCON Thrill So Far

4 February 2022
And so when the word boring is floated around regarding AFCON, I wonder what kind of content passes the vibe-check. For most fans, it is undoubtedly not the tactics that glue us to the screen, nor is it the match ...
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Marijuana, Testosterone, and Other Hurdles to the Olympics

19 July 2021
In a world where gender identities have become polarizing, World Athletics is battling to find its place on the right side of history. ...
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