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Stutchbury’s Slaying is Deja Vu for Environmental Crimes in Kenya

26 July 2021
Stutchbury’s murder has shaken the conservation world, and understandably so because since time immemorial, Kenya has stayed on the wrong side of this fight. ...
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Unpacking The Basic Structure Doctrine

2 June 2021
For the basic structure to be morphed, the sovereignty of the people must bear. ...
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The Judiciary As A Political Player

31 May 2021
There are those who think that the judiciary should restrain and avoid getting into political tussles, even when invoked. ...
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Roaring from the Bench: Demystifying the BBI Judgement 

18 May 2021
The decision is not about those who subscribe to ...
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John Pombe Magufuli: Bright and Dark Sides of the Bulldozer

23 March 2021
John Pombe Joseph Magufuli’s political story — especially to non-Tanzanians memorializing him — starts in June 2015. ...
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Je, Suluhu Atafuata Nyayo Za Pombe?

20 March 2021
A stark contrast to her predecessor, Samia has Tanzania and the world eager for how she will handle issues that Magufuli once dealt with in an unorthodox way. ...
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Why The Curfew Is Here To Stay

12 March 2021
Majority of Kenyans came to the slippery conclusion that COVID-19 was exiting the country. Citizens became lax with the rules - planning and attending overcrowded social functions and absconding on facemasks. ...
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Kenya’s Mounting Crisis of Unemployment

12 November 2020
Between April and June 2020, 1.7 million Kenyans lost their jobs. ...
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