Debunk Speaks To John Sibi-Okumu

JOHN SIBI-OKUMU has had a long and illustrious career as an actor, director and playwright. He has played more than 40 characters on stage, including Shakespeare’s Romeo, Shylock and Oedipus, and has acted in films, including the Hollywood production, The Constant Gardener, where he…


Why I Didn’t Like My Hair Sometimes
From Perfect Plans to Unexpected Motherhood
A Few More Words About Breasts
Debunk Speaks to Martha Karua
Idumi Irakuduma. Manhood Undoes Itself


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Debunk Podcasts

Stories about people, politics, pop culture, women, and more…debunked, explained. Understand the world with Debunk Podcasts.

Do you know your rights?


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Idumi Irakuduma. Manhood Undoes Itself

We owe the people who produced us, our communities, more than just the Black tax…

My Body Betrays Me, Again 

The Quiet in my head finds a way to jump out and grow bigger. The…

Concert Debacles, and the Dearth of Consumer Protection

I am writing this after being deeply disappointed at the Boyz II Men concert held…

Safari Rally, Where Nostalgia and Evolution Meet

The recently concluded World Rally Championship (WRC) Safari Rally has yet again lived up to…


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EDITORIAL 2 of 8: An Appeal To Rigathi Gachagua

Mr Deputy President, Few people have had the singular honour you’ve been bestowed upon by…

EDITORIAL 1 of 8: An Appeal To William Ruto

Hide nothing from the masses of our people Tell no liesExpose lies whenever they are told Mask…

EDITORIAL: The Trigger, The Bullet and The Politician

Today Kenya has woken up a burdened country, heaving with the weight of fear, anxious…

Peace At Last. May It Last…

For the second time since Raila Odinga chose to lead his supporters in street protests…

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Scrap Metal Survivors

Kenya’s Scrap Metal Survivalists

Back in October 2007, Kenya amended the Scrap Metal Act of 1959 abolishing the requirement for a licence for one to deal in scrap metal.

Image - The Magic of Football: Peculiar Rituals From Around The World
Kenya’s Debt Trap
Kenya’s Leaking Debt Ceiling 
You’ve Seen The Two SGR Contracts. Now What?



Not Broken

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It: Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Your Vagina Healthy

“When the body is healthy, the vagina is healthy,” Dr Muthembwa explained. This means that maintaining your overall bodily health helps to maintain your vaginal health.

The Choice Of Motherhood
The Choice Of Motherhood

Few things elicit sharp reactions like discussing a woman’s body and what she can or cannot do with it.

Cervical Cancer, The Female Killer

The World Health Organization reported in 2018 that every two minutes a woman dies of this preventable cancer…

Traditional Medicine and Vaginal Health: Facts From Fiction 

Tea made from specific plants has traditionally been given to women for various vaginal ailments, and these same herbs are…

Gender Based Violence: A Shadow Pandemic

Gender-Based Violence is one of the most persistent violations of human rights across the globe and has been reported to be much higher within marginalized populations.


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