The One Thing You Should Read About Grace Onyango (1924-2023)

Had Grace Monica Akech Onyango never joined politics, her contribution to society would already have…

Grief, Gin and Love

I was almost an hour late for the funeral service. The church was filled with…

I Used To Loathe Book Clubs. But Now I’m Hooked.

If two years ago you’d have asked me whether I’d join a book club, your…

Why ‘Njaanuary’ Was Good For Your Health

The apartment block on State House Road in Milimani doesn’t just appear. It unfolds, slowly,…

From Kakamega High With Love

I don’t remember how it all started, but all I know is that by the…

Loving My Father After Heartbreak

A week earlier, everything was business as usual between him and I. It would be…

The Banshees of Inisherin: When Friends Fall Out Of Love

A part of growing up is realizing you grow apart from people you thought were…

Seven Stories Of Dating Across Seven Decades

L.O.V.E. The four letters of character development. The four horsemen of the apocalypse.  But how…

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Cecilia Makiwane: In Memory of Africa’s First Nurse

Cecilia’s title as a nurse paved the way for many other African women who followed suit.

The Doctor Alleviating Sexual Violence in DRC

Dr. Mukwege’s initial goal was to set up a maternity wing, which came complete with surgical rooms.

Kenya’s Pioneer World Volleyball Instructor

Mabwi’s career in volleyball started on a lukewarm note at Friends School Kaimosi Girls during her ‘O’ levels (secondary school) education from 1982 to 1985.

So Long, Lorna

Lorna raised a generation of us in the school that was her life, showing us time and again that we are more than our physical condition.


 What the Experts Say About School Unrest 

The debate on school unrest can easily get convoluted, with different players pointing fingers at each other. The reports offer many solutions – many of which we have not explored here. One is left wondering what should be the priority.

Your Guide To Kick-Ass Decluttering 

A simpler wardrobe will cut down your dress-up time significantly because when you have a collection of clothes that fit your style and work together, then deciding what to wear every morning isn’t a daily wardrobe crisis that has you late to every meeting or date.

Sinking in the Abyss of Loan Apps

While it might be unrealistic to require everyone to understand the deeper workings of finance, basic working knowledge is becoming imperative. The government, too, has to come up with regulations that safeguard citizens’ financial wellbeing in this cutthroat lending industry. Financial literacy should also be taught in schools, right from primary school. A healthy economy will require financially savvy citizens.

Labour of Love: A Tale of Kenya’s Unseen Healthcare Heroes

The Nairobi County Government has over time promised CHVs a stipend, a promise which has never materialized. But CHVs aren’t giving up hope. Soon, their weekly brief was over. With their agenda set, the gathering exited the church, like troops heading out for battle.

My Beef With Kenyan Weddings

I am at that age where adulting is doing that weird thing to me. All I want to do is get married. And if murmurs from my workmates are anything to go by, I make for an awesome office husband, whatever that means

Modern Medicine’s Egyptian Roots

Much more can be said about the premier of medicine in Egypt, and the successes of then – but the practice was not without errors.