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September 5, 2020


Sheila Munyiva is a trained Producer and Director. She has worked on sets shooting adverts and TV shows for local and international productions. Sheila is also an award winning actress having played ZIKI in the critically acclaimed film RAFIKI and Sarafina in the theater production of SARAFINA. She brings her film expertise and versatility in production to the team. Sheila is the Lead Producer and Creative Director for Debunk Media.

Ernest Kilonzo is a pixel-perfect Graphic Designer and Animator who takes great pride in creating visually stunning designs and animations. He has the talent and ability to be able to quickly understand complex client requirements and come up with simple and logical solutions. Ernest does this with a creative flair, originality and strong visual sense needed to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding of clients. On a personal level, Ernest is eager to take on new challenges in order to progress his career and the organizations he works with.

You know that one cocktail at the pub that everyone loves because it’s got a little bit of everything in it? Well, that’s Charlie Karumi. He is an actor, radio host, a Vlogger, a TV host, video editor, voice over artist and a heap of other things we don’t really have time to mention. But overall, he’s just a guy looking to answer all the questions he can, in the ways he knows how to.

Juliet Atellah is a Data Scientist and Investigative journalist. She contributes for TheElephant.info and is an OCCRP fellow. She is trained as a statistician and enjoys using open source intelligence tools and data research to better explain topics that affect the community. Find her on twitter @atellahj

Patrick Gatua is an enthusiastic vibrant new-age digital journalist with a background in the medical field. Passionate about telling stories that touch on human interest, podcasts and investigative journalism. “My future endeavour is aimed at telling the African story and engaging the younger generation in a digital space that will soon be the future of modern-day journalism.”

Wakini Njogu is a data journalist and producer, passionate about gender, health and human rights issues. She enjoys storytelling through writing and photography.

Peris Mureithi has 16 years’ experience in Journalism & TV production. She is a Producer who specialises in Documentaries and Features. Peris is a CNN Journalism Fellow and a recipient of two Media Council of Kenya awards (Security and Environment award and Governance award.)

Whitney Muhadi is a fun and quirky creative who loves telling stories to the masses through various audio-visual platforms. She is passionate about adventure, soccer and music. Whitney is her biggest self critic but is always seeking self-improvement in everything she does. She tells the tales of the unspoken and lends a voice to the unheard through videos and articles. Mantra ‘Never a Failure Always a Lesson.’

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