EDITORIAL 5 of 8: An Appeal To Raila Odinga

Always bear in mind that the people are not fighting for ideas For the things in anyone’s head They are fighting to win material benefits To live better and in peaceTo see their lives go…

EDITORIAL 4 of 8: An Appeal To David Ndii
EDITORIAL 3 of 8: An Appeal To Musalia Mudavadi
EDITORIAL 2 of 8: An Appeal To Rigathi Gachagua
EDITORIAL 1 of 8: An Appeal To William Ruto

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Unpacking The Basic Structure Doctrine

For the basic structure to be morphed, the sovereignty of the people must bear.

Roaring from the Bench: Demystifying the BBI Judgement 

The decision is not about those who subscribe to

Je, Suluhu Atafuata Nyayo Za Pombe?

A stark contrast to her predecessor, Samia has Tanzania and the world eager for how she will handle issues that Magufuli once dealt with in an unorthodox way.

Kenya’s Mounting Crisis of Unemployment

Between April and June 2020, 1.7 million Kenyans lost their jobs.


The Presidential Petition Timelines

By 2 p.m. on 22 August 2022 – being the final day and hour when filings to the Supreme Court would be made against the declaration of William Ruto as president-elect – nine petitions had been submitted, with the requisite fee of KSh 1 million paid.

The Observers’ Verdict Is Out
What It Means To Be President-Elect


Part 2: The BBI Court of Appeal Slam Dunk

Whereas the concept of the Basic Structure Doctrine is not new in Kenya, this was the first time that the appellate court was met with the concept. In this regard, two questions were posed to the Court of Appeal. First, does the Basic Structure Doctrine apply in Kenya, and if yes, what forms the Basic Structure of the Constitution of Kenya 2010?