Edgar Obare and the Era of Doxing

Kenyan vlogger Edgar Obare, popularly known as the ‘TeaMaster’ recently found himself on the receiving end of law enforcement after he shared travel visa details of Natalie Tewa, another vlogger. We explore this habit of ...

Caring for a COVID 19 patient at home

Kenyan hospitals are overwhelmed and the state of the economy is not looking good. With the coronavirus pandemic still raging on, are you prepared to care for yourself or someone sick at home?

Flying During the Pandemic

Kenya resumed domestic flights and we sent our creative team to observe how different flying has become during the pandemic. We asked them to vlog their experience and to be as opinionated as possible.

How Kenyan medics are contracting COVID-19

More than 200 Kenyan health workers have contracted COVID-19. Medics want the government to do more to protect those on the frontline of fighting the disease. What needs to be done to protect these essential ...

Is Kenya Ready to Open Her Skies Again?

President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that international air travel would resume on August 1st. We wondered, has Kenya taken enough measures to ensure that the lives of it's people and that of the visitors coming in ...

Who Created the Mask?

Have you ever wondered who created the mask and why it's important during health pandemics? 😷 Patrick Gatua explores.

Did pollution reduce during the restrictions?

Remember when Osman Siddiqi took the famous photo capturing Mt. Kenya from Westlands, Nairobi? Everyone wondered whether the landmark was clear because of reduced air pollution during Covid-19 restrictions. Debunk Producer and data ...

Truckers, Sex Workers & Coronavirus

Thousands of truck drivers working in East Africa were stranded for weeks at the Kenya - Uganda border. Traffic stretched more than 70 kilometers, making Busia county a Coronavirus hotspot. It’s what happened when poor ...

DEBUNK MEDIA: Everything is connected (TRAILER)

The world is changing and almost every aspect of human life is no longer the same. There’s never been a more crucial moment that we need to understand how the world affects us. We need ...