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Love By Any Other Name

However, the violence meted against the LGBTQI+ community in Kenya cannot go unnoticed. Whether physical or emotional, members of this community are easy targets for attacks by sanctimonious people. This violence is often camouflaged in religious claptrap, with the perpetrators ...…

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What Makes An Olympic Sport

Over the years, the number of sports played at the Olympics fluctuates, with some games gaining a spot on the roster while others getting dropped. …

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From The Stage To The Bedroom: When Couples Work Together Paul Ogola

Work, Play and Forever After: When Couples Work Together

As they work to stamp their prowess in the acting industry both locally and internationally, they reminisce about the growth they have made in separating work from their relationship. …

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Why I have No Shame In My Tinder Game

My presence on Tinder has never been as unintentional as the people who write, "I lost a dare, that is why I am here." …

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Kenya’s Kabbadi Superstar

Kabaddi is a contact sport between two teams of seven players that is played on a map. Each team stands on opposite sides of the map. The attacking team sends out a raider whom the defending team has to stop ...…

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