The Guy Who Went to Alliance

Justice Isaac Lenaola isn’t exactly your typical Alliance High School guy, the ones who never…

I Listen Louder

In 1990, for thirty days and on a diet of sugarless porridge, no blankets to…

Say Chairperson, Not Chairman!

Before becoming a judge of the Supreme Court of Kenya in June 2012, Susanna Njoki…

If Institutional Memory Was A Person

Can one claim to be a fully formed judge if they lack the ability to throw a rib-cracking salvo or two during judicial proceedings? Maybe not. And so during the reading of the Supreme Court’s verdict on the Building Bridges Initiative, the ordinarily taciturn Justice William Okello Ouko ventured off-script for a moment, to remark that in his understanding of Kenyans, he wouldn’t be surprised if children born around the time of the reading of the judgment would be named Basic Structure Doctrine, going by how commonplace the term had become in everyday conversation.


Police Shakeup: Kenya Kwanza’s New Sheriffs

In one of his most categorical commitments since coming to power, President William Ruto has…

A Case Against Tampering With Presidential Term Limits 

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 provides any Kenyan with the right to propose its rehabilitation.…

It Refuses To Pour Over Nyege Nyege Festival

Every year, the organizers of Nyege Nyege Festival partner with a traditional rainmaker to keep the clouds at bay, and every year the clouds over Jinja hold their breath until the festival is concluded.