We’d love to publish you. So please make it easy for us.

> We’re all about storytelling. So give us a good story. Or give us nothing at all.

> Please send us CLEAN COPY, or send us nothing at all.

> Write. Rewrite. Then write and rewrite again.

> Make cogent, coherent, verifiable arguments.

> Back everything up. Use hyperlinks generously.

> Brevity is your friend.

> As for longform, only send us the absolute good stuff, or send us nothing at all.

> Remember, brevity is your friend.

> Every word, sentence and paragraph should move the story forward.

> Any self-promotion material should be saved for the writer’s bio.

> If we say no, it isn’t personal. Try again. With rewrites.

> You can share written pieces, but sharing story ideas is even better.