William Ruto’s Grand Hustle

When Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto took power in April 2013, the dynamic duo, as the press called them, made a habit of wearing matching pants, shirts and ties, and even agreed to fold their shirts’ sleeves Obama-style. No sensible bookmaker could have predicted a fall-out five years later.

Raila Odinga’s Grand Finale

There’s a point during his political rallies where Raila Odinga turns into a football commentator. Two teams will be playing, one with Odinga as captain and another led by whoever is Odinga’s main challenger during a presidential race.

Tracking the 13th Parliament

Aside from giving Kenya its 5th President and ushering in the third cohort of 47 County Governors and Members of County Assembly (1,450 elected and 772 nominated), the 2022 general election will similarly pave the way for the coming into being of Kenya’s 13th bicameral Parliament, made up of the Senate (comprising 47 elected and ...


Spot Your MP

Spot Your Senator

Spot Your Governor

Lightning Rod

Blog: Voting in Sleepy Karen

0645 hrs: the streets of Karen look abandoned. Roads are quiet and deserted with one or two matatus and tuk-tuks ...

Blog: Long Queues in Mathare

o650 hrs: I’m at St. Teresa’s Girls’ High School in the Mathare Constituency of Nairobi County. The polling station is ...

Blog: Just Another Mundane Day?

0420 hrs: I wake up to what seems a normal day. As I prepare to leave, I notice the absence ...

Blog: Nai ni ya nani!

0558hrs.   In the horizon I can hear boda boda guys urging a sleepy town to wake up and go ...

Blog: Two Sides of The Coin

For three elections – the fresh presidential election on 26 October 2017 included – I have worked with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission as an electoral official, first as a Biometric Voter Registration clerk in the first ever electronic voter registration in 2012, and as a polling clerk in 2013 and 2017. In 2022, ...
Happening Now!

Constituency tallying centers verifying, collating and announcing MP, MCA results


47 Random Thoughts on Bandana Ya E-Sir

Bandana Ya E-Sir is a let-down. There is nothing about E-Sir in this song. The lyrics are dirty. Disappointing, even. E-Sir was more than a bandana. Sure, it was his signature look, in the same ...


Hurtling Towards The 2022 Abyss

As the country gets into premature presidential election campaigns, signs that the country is steadily but surely hurtling towards the early stages of the 2007/2008 nightmare are beginning to show.


Pale Bomas

  You think you’re anxious? Just ask Raila Odinga or William Ruto. (But it looks like IEBC are on it?)  

The Presidential Series

The journeys of presidential aspirants, whose stories intertwine with Kenya’s history, are explored in these compelling profiles.
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Sacrificing Harambee Starlets

When Nick Mwendwa replaced Sam Nyamwea as president of the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) in February 2016, one of his ...

Cervical Cancer, The Female Killer

The World Health Organization reported in 2018 that every two minutes a woman dies of this preventable cancer, affecting typically ...

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It: Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Your Vagina Healthy

"When the body is healthy, the vagina is healthy," Dr Muthembwa explained.  This means that maintaining your overall bodily health helps ...

Traditional Medicine and Vaginal Health: Distinguishing Facts From Fiction 

Tea made from specific plants has traditionally been given to women for various vaginal ailments, and these same herbs are ...
The Choice Of Motherhood

The Choice Of Motherhood

Few things elicit sharp reactions like discussing a woman’s body and what she can or cannot do with it. From how a woman wears her hair to how she does her toenails, to how they walk, sit, stand, eat, talk, laugh, to who they love and how they choose to do so, there’s always something ...

The Real Deal on Vaginal Detox Pearls and Powders 

"There is no need for a vaginal detox." "The notion that women require this is offensive," Dr. Biko says. "This is yet another example of someone taking advantage of the fact that women believe their vagina requires treatment."

Is Vaginal Steaming Safe? 

Once again, the vaginal organ is a self-cleaning organ. If you’re worried about its health, wash it with your hands only (no face cloths, scrubbers, or antiseptics) using mild unscented and hypoallergenic soap (unscented, mild, and colorless) and pat the area dry. Save the steaming for your face!

Leadership ≠ To Being Male

The story of a woman disguising herself as a man to attain her goals extends further than the legend of Mulan. Margaret Bulkley may mean nothing to most people, but the name Dr.James Barry to historians may remind them of a story cocktail of fiction and fact.
Guardians Of The Ovaries

Guardians Of The Ovaries

Reproductive health rights for women have become so intertwined with patriarchal demands that they can barely be separated.

Breaking Women’s Backs

Women continue spending hundreds of hours weekly in search of water, instead of investing that time in income-generating activities which  can improve living standards.


Uko na Borehole? House (and Water) Hunting in Nairobi

And yet the jerrican-syndrome is a familiar site in Nairobi, and not just in the sprawling Eastlands where I lived after campus. I stayed in the infamous Pipeline Estate, aka Pipu, that place where Breeder ...


Gas Imeisha? Tales of Kenya’s LPG Price Hikes

Unlike super petrol, diesel and kerosene, the price of LPG is not regulated. The retail price of cooking gas is at the whims of importers, who often adjust the prices based on the forces of ...


Long Queues and Slow Counting Trouble Constituency Tallying Centers

These logs were done on 10 August 2022, the day after voting, covering four of the 17 Nairobi constituencies: Dagoretti South, Westlands, Ruaraka and Kasarani.  



Welcome to the Disco!

Welcome to the disco that is the internet!! And there’s a new notorious band in town. Orchestra MalMisDisAmpPropaganda!


Unstereotyped: Swiry Nyar Kano.

Despite fate having it different for Vivian Taabu, well known as Swiry Nyar Kano, always knew greatness was within. Born in Nairobi and growing up first in Mathare and later in Kisumu, Swiry grew up ...


Alcohol Enemas: The Dangerous Way to Get Drunk 

Vodka tampons or butt chugging (used by men to introduce alcohol into the rectum via the anus i.e. as an ...

How TikTok Got Infested 

You get on Tiktok for a minute, and by the time you look up from your phone, three days have ...

Believe It or Not, Embarambamba Is Us

We are the chicken thief, condemning the egg thief, sounding like the man wearing a balaclava at the scene of ...
Khaligraph Jones’ Pushback

Khaligraph Jones’ Pushback

He is still the Original Gangster, the OG, his central clarion call to the “fans in denial” or “trolls” is ...

Dreadi: A Beginner’s Handbook

Everyone assumes you either use weed, are a peddler, or know one. It’s a normal thing to get stopped by strangers and getting queried as to where they can get a joint. Policemen will frisk you for the hang of it because they are looking for blunts. Look, not that I don’t know where to ...

My Beef With Kenyan Weddings

I am at that age where adulting is doing that weird thing to me. All I want to do is get married. And if murmurs from my workmates are anything to go by, I make for an awesome office husband, whatever that means

YOLO and Other Risky Stories

Choosing someone to marry can become an overly complex process. You can take the “maximizing” approach by listing pros and cons, multiplying them by their probabilities, and adding the results thereof.
The Anime Culture In Kenya

The Anime Culture In Kenya

Anime merchandise has also been very effective in attracting people to the genre. Pop up shops in the convention and online businesses which sell figurines and artefacts from different anime series have got fans hooked. The Nairobi Otaku shop and Shinigami Threads are well known joints for selling branded merchandise among other things to cater ...

Why I have No Shame In My Tinder Game

My presence on Tinder has never been as unintentional as the people who write, "I lost a dare, that is why I am here."

Chadwick Didn’t Need An Oscar

Chadwick’s work on the silver screen has never fallen short of greatness. His portrayal of black historical icons always brought out an impressive performance after the next.

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