a) Pieces of nonfiction/reportage from across Eastern Africa (DR Congo, Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania) that are big on STORYTELLING.

b) We accept memoir.

c) In the rare occasions when we accept essays, the essay has to be truly rare.

d) We may accept one or two pieces from outside Eastern Africa per edition.

Covering the 3Ps and D, being People, Politics, Pop-Culture and Debunked (data journalism and fact checks), Debunk Media (www.debunk.media) is always on the lookout for writers, reporters, essayists, correspondents, photographers and illustrators interested in telling in-depth and nuanced stories through photo essays, editorial illustrations, multimedia features, profiles, Q&As, reportage, essays and reviews. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever written before or not, or if you’ve ever appeared before a camera or not. What matters is do you have a story idea, and are you willing to put in the work to bring it to life – following through all journalistic expectations? If so, please drop us your pitch at [email protected]Please find our rate card here. 


*Video and other visual journalists are encouraged to pitch. 

Seeking to create a public space where society encounters and interacts with a multiplicity of voices, personalities, identities, experiences and viewpoints, Debunk’s Public Square is always on the lookout for prolific thinkers, experts, curators, diarists, provocateurs and individuals with heterodox points of view and perspectives to enrich debate and conversation in society, to represent life in all its shades and forms and precipitate meaningful engagement in public life. If you fit the bill and can write weekly or fortnightly, please pitch to [email protected] and let the games begin.

The need to centre women and their stories, histories, experiences, choices, journeys, challenges, triumphs, relationships and everything else that comes into the picture in the spectrum of womanhood cannot be gainsaid. Debunk Media through its Debunk Women for women, by women and of women pivot wants to right historical and contemporary wrongs by allowing women writers, reporters, photographers, essayists, illustrators, and overall contributors unfettered space for expression, where they can exercise their individual and collective agencies and be heard and seen. So if you’re a woman and would like to tell your story or that of another woman or other women, or would simply like to share something and/or anything about women that you believe the world needs to see, hear or know about, please pitch us at [email protected].

In a world where the news cycle can be seconds long, with news flying from every corner of the internet every other second, the need to access not only timely but reliable, verifiable and under-reported news becomes even more important. Debunk, through Debunk Live, its current affairs unit, is keen to bring together a diverse team of stringers from Kenya and across Eastern Africa to power a dependable and cutting edge news service that will bring audiences not only up to speed with events but offer a necessary minimal context in the what’s-happened-and-why-does-it-matter sense. If you’re a journalist, reporter or correspondent from any of Kenya’s 47 counties and the larger Eastern Africa, especially from previously under-reported areas, please become a regular contributor by sending tips or getting plugged-in through [email protected].