The Programme of Events at William Ruto’s Swearing-in Ceremony

On Tuesday 13 September 2022, President-elect William Ruto will take the oath of office to become the fifth President of the Republic of Kenya. It is a high-stakes event that sees at least 20 Heads ...

What are the Roles of the Speaker of the Senate

The Speaker is bestowed the honour of being the final authority on all matters regarding the interpretation and application of the practice and procedure of Parliament at all times.

Gas Imeisha? Tales of Kenya’s LPG Price Hikes

Unlike super petrol, diesel and kerosene, the price of LPG is not regulated. The retail price of cooking gas is at the whims of importers, who often adjust the prices based on the forces of ...

 What the Experts Say About School Unrest 

The debate on school unrest can easily get convoluted, with different players pointing fingers at each other. The reports offer many solutions - many of which we have not explored here. One is left wondering ...

School Unrest Debunked

Peer pressure was ranked highest by both students and teachers with 27.9% of students and 34.7% of teachers saying it was a contributing factor. There was however a new dimension this study introduced; strict reforms ...

Uganda’s Election History Explained

The territory presently known as Uganda held its FIRST elections in 1957, during which exercise representatives from the Uganda Protectorate were elected into the colonial Legislative Council.