Abigail Arunga

Abigail Arunga is a writer, columnist, scriptwriter and author based in Nairobi, Kenya. Surprised that she has somehow managed to write professionally for 15 years, she enjoys figuring out how to fight against capitalism with a system that hasn't been invented yet, finding good restaurants that don't sell just ambience, inventing questions for her monthly Quiz Nights (so many jobs!) and robust feminism. You can read her varied and mostly mild opinions on the Daily Nation, Nation Online and Akoroko, as well as akello.co.ke - or by getting her two (raunchy) poetry collections from the bookstore she co-founded and runs, Rugano Books, which sells (only) books by African authors. Her latest show, Pepeta, will be available on Showmax from November 24, so please make the producers think she is more popular than she actually is by going to watch it. Twitter/Instagram: @abigailarunga

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