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Sinking in the Abyss of Loan Apps

While it might be unrealistic to require everyone to understand the deeper workings of finance, basic working knowledge is becoming imperative. The government, too, has to come up with regulations that safeguard citizens’ financial wellbeing in this cutthroat lending industry. ...…

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How We Came To Trust Apps

Once upon a time, you would have thought it ludicrous to send money via a mobile phone to your grandparents in the bundus, or to even order for goods online. However, all this was made possible through technological innovation on ...…

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Kenya’s Debt Trap

It goes without saying that development institutions and aid agencies are here to stay, and their business is to keep loaning and giving grants. This will carry on despite the fact that loans and grants may not be used for ...…

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Why You Don't Quit As Often As You Should

Why You Don’t Quit As Often As You Should

The human brain tricks itself into persistence for persistence’s sake even though the writing is on the wall. …

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YOLO and Other Risky Stories

Choosing someone to marry can become an overly complex process. You can take the “maximizing” approach by listing pros and cons, multiplying them by their probabilities, and adding the results thereof. …

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