Museveni Gives Birth To A Better Version Of Himself 

All indicators are that President Museveni was jittery about facing the first time MP in a free and fair contest if events preceding the elections and whatever happened on election day and thereafter are anything ...

2022, Kenya’s Second Most Expensive Election 

At an average cost of about KSh. 2,000 per voter, the August 9 general election is one of the most expensive elections in Africa and the second most expensive in Kenya.

2022, A Win for Intersex Persons 

Until 2019, intersex persons were not officially recognised in Kenya’s national population data.  But during the Housing and Population Census held that year, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) included a marker for a ...

2022, What’s in it for the Women?

At 49.12% of the registered voters, women make up almost half of the electorate, and thus any serious political contender must go the extra mile in seeking to appease such a significant national constituency.

The Royal Rumble

In the blue corner, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga of the Azimio la Umoja Coalition. And in the Yellow Corner, Deputy President William Samoei Ruto of the Kenya Kwanza Coalition.

Why Politicians Obsess Over The First 100 Days

Politicians are entering the final stretch of their campaigns. One of the most popular campaign phrases today is “In the Next 100 days" as candidates make pledges to the electorate. But what's the obsession with ...

What’s In The Finance Secretary’s Briefcase?

Among other traditions of the budget day in Kenya, one that never misses is the finance secretary’s briefcase pose. But how did this tradition come to be?

Sellebrity: Fame Versus Electability

The celebrity as a politician is officially a thing (preceded by the bizarre the-politician-as-a-celebrity epoch of bling bling hookah smoking honourables). And so many are abandoning the mic as they seek to blur the line ...

Russia, Ukraine and Kenya’s Chapati Woes

Should Ukraine be driven to its knees, Kenya is bound to suffer major setbacks. The Cost of bread and wheat flour goes up. Kenya relies on imported wheat from Ukraine and Russia to meet its annual ...

On Voter Apathy. Is Anyone Listening?

There’s certainly a plethora of reasons why this particular section of Kenyans is indifferent to electoral politics, one of them (if not key among them) being the unassailable view that the outcome of a Kenyan ...

Watt Happened?

Kenya has been plunged into a couple of power outages in the past, the most recent one being on 11 January 2022. Kenya Power said the power outage was as a result of collapse of ...