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Welcome to the Disco!

Welcome to the disco that is the internet!! And there’s a new notorious band in town. Orchestra MalMisDisAmpPropaganda! …

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Hurtling Towards The 2022 Abyss

As the country gets into premature presidential election campaigns, signs that the country is steadily but surely hurtling towards the early stages of the 2007/2008 nightmare are beginning to show. …

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Reclaiming the Pulpit

The seeming unusualness in Rev. Wainaina’s delivery emanates from the fact that the Provost’s interpretation of the gospel isn’t hypothetically but is grounded in the context of the goings on in the country today – from grand corruption to political ...…

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Why We Are Debunking BBI

Kenyans will be forgiven for being indifferent to the ongoing political theatre. The economy is limping, the pandemic is ravaging, the future looks bleak. And yet, as we’re often reminded, it is darkest before dawn. There are no prizes for guessing the ...…

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Flying During the Pandemic

Kenya resumed domestic flights and we sent our creative team to observe how different flying has become during the pandemic. We asked them to vlog their experience and to be as opinionated as possible. …

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