Part 2: The BBI Court of Appeal Slam Dunk

23 September 2021
Whereas the concept of the Basic Structure Doctrine is not new in Kenya, this was the first time that the appellate court was met with the concept. In this regard, two questions were posed to the Court of Appeal. First, ...
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Part 1: The BBI Court of Appeal Slam Dunk

21 September 2021
In BBI 2, these passive virtues were raised by the Appellants in a bid to overturn the BBI 1 by the High Court. The Appellants argued that the questions raised in BB1 were political questions and unripe for determination. Put ...
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Degrees and the degree of Uheshimiwa in Kenya

27 July 2021
It must be remembered that vying to be a mheshimiwa is a political right secured under the CoK 2010 (Article 38). As has been shown above, less than four per cent (4%) of Kenyans have university degrees. This number is ...
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Kenya’s Debt Trap

21 July 2021
It goes without saying that development institutions and aid agencies are here to stay, and their business is to keep loaning and giving grants. This will carry on despite the fact that loans and grants may not be used for ...
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Human Rights In The Time Of Covid-19

5 July 2021
The unprecedented virus leaves us with several questions including whether we are supposed to talk of human rights when confronted with a pandemic ...
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Pass the Dutchie: Legalize It, Don’t Criminalize It

10 June 2021
Despite this global melodrama, Marijuana remains firmly rooted, its production and consumption neither dropping nor stopping. ...
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Detention of Patients Pending Payment of Bills is Unconstitutional

8 June 2021
In passing the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Kenyans dreamt of a document that would correct the injustices of the past and build a new Republic which puts the vulnerable and downtrodden (Hohehahe) at the center of statehood and not the ...
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Unpacking The Basic Structure Doctrine

2 June 2021
For the basic structure to be morphed, the sovereignty of the people must bear. ...
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