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Langata, Kibra, and Kajiado North Constituencies.

  Wednesday, 10 August 2022. It was the morning after the general election and tallying was ongoing at the constituency tallying centers across the country. I visited Kajiado North, Langata and Kibra constituency tallying centers and captured the situation in ...…

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Blog: Just Another Mundane Day?

0420 hrs: I wake up to what seems a normal day. As I prepare to leave, I notice the absence of Matatu horns that usually go off in the distant Ngong around this time. Perhaps it’s because it’s a not ...…

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Why Politicians Obsess Over The First 100 Days

Politicians are entering the final stretch of their campaigns. One of the most popular campaign phrases today is “In the Next 100 days" as candidates make pledges to the electorate. But what's the obsession with the 100 day promise and ...…

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What’s In The Finance Secretary’s Briefcase?

Among other traditions of the budget day in Kenya, one that never misses is the finance secretary’s briefcase pose. But how did this tradition come to be? …

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Kenya’s Yellow Fever Outbreak Explained

After 3 deaths and 15 confirmed infections in Isiolo county, Kenya has declared an outbreak of Yellow Fever. Following the announcement, Kenya immediately put all counties on high alert. But why so fast? Well, the clue is in the anatomy ...…

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 What the Experts Say About School Unrest 

The debate on school unrest can easily get convoluted, with different players pointing fingers at each other. The reports offer many solutions - many of which we have not explored here. One is left wondering what should be the priority. …

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School Unrest Debunked

Peer pressure was ranked highest by both students and teachers with 27.9% of students and 34.7% of teachers saying it was a contributing factor. There was however a new dimension this study introduced; strict reforms by the Cabinet Secretary for ...…

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The Tonga Volcanic Eruption Explained

An underwater volcano in the South Pacific erupted violently on 15th January 2022, causing tsunamis to hit Hawaii, Japan, and Tonga’s largest island, Tongatapu sending waves flooding into the capital. The eruptions sent a plume of ash, gas and steam ...…

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Watt Happened?

Kenya has been plunged into a couple of power outages in the past, the most recent one being on 11 January 2022. Kenya Power said the power outage was as a result of collapse of the towers that support a ...…

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