William Ruto’s Grand Hustle

Whether he ascends to Kenya’s presidency on August 9 or not, at 55, deputy president William Samoei Ruto has done the impossible. This is partly courtesy of safeguards entrenched in the country’s 2010 Constitution – ...

The Presidential Series

The journeys of presidential aspirants, whose stories intertwine with Kenya’s history, are explored in these compelling profiles.

The Tonga Volcanic Eruption Explained

An underwater volcano in the South Pacific erupted violently on 15th January 2022, causing tsunamis to hit Hawaii, Japan, and Tonga’s largest island, Tongatapu sending waves flooding into the capital. The eruptions sent a plume ...

The Lessons We Missed in Matungu and Kabuchai

The role of the police during elections is to safeguard the right to vote by providing security to voters and guarding ballots. History has however shown that the police are occasionally misused to either interfere ...

Why The Ugandan Elections Matter

Beyond the arbitrary arrest, detention and charging of presidential candidates in the course of their campaigns, there have similarly been widespread reports of harassment, intimidation and the killing of aides and supporters.

Are the President’s Orders Effective?

From executive orders to presidential directives, Kenya's president Uhuru Kenyatta is famous for his strong-worded instructions to investigating and prosecuting agencies. But are these orders legal and are they effective?

Does Kenya Have a Gun Control Problem?

Gun violence and misuse of firearms are on the rise in Nairobi and other parts of the country. Kenya has about 750,000 civilian firearms in total, with licensed firearms accounting for less than 5%. But, ...

Freedom too Far? Edgar Obare and the Era of Doxing

Kenyan vlogger Edgar Obare, popularly known as the ‘TeaMaster’ for the hot gossip he shares on his social media accounts, recently found himself on the receiving end of law enforcement after he shared travel visa ...

Flying During the Pandemic

Kenya resumed domestic flights and we sent our creative team to observe how different flying has become during the pandemic. We asked them to vlog their experience and to be as opinionated as possible.

Truckers, Sex Workers & Coronavirus

Thousands of truck drivers working in East Africa were stranded for weeks at the Kenya - Uganda border. Traffic stretched more than 70 kilometers, making Busia county a Coronavirus hotspot. It’s what happened when poor ...