Sellebrity: Fame Versus Electability

The celebrity as a politician is officially a thing (preceded by the bizarre the-politician-as-a-celebrity epoch of bling bling hookah smoking honourables). And so many are abandoning the mic as they seek to blur the line ...

The Lessons We Missed in Matungu and Kabuchai

The role of the police during elections is to safeguard the right to vote by providing security to voters and guarding ballots. History has however shown that the police are occasionally misused to either interfere ...
Pass the Dutchie: Legalize It, Don’t Criminalize It

Pass the Dutchie: Legalize It, Don’t Criminalize It

Despite this global melodrama, Marijuana remains firmly rooted, its production and consumption neither dropping nor stopping.
The Judiciary As A Political Player

The Judiciary As A Political Player

There are those who think that the judiciary should restrain and avoid getting into political tussles, even when invoked.

John Pombe Magufuli: Bright and Dark Sides of the Bulldozer

John Pombe Joseph Magufuli’s political story — especially to non-Tanzanians memorializing him — starts in June 2015.

UNFILTERED PODCAST: Cyber Bullying and the Kenyan Law

As internet penetration grows in Kenya, so does social media vibrance. These sites have allowed users to have many social freedoms, and this has furthered cyber harassment.

Future of the handshake

A few months ago we could exchange a high five or a fist bump freely with a friend, a hug or a kiss to a loved one and a formal handshake to seal that business ...