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The Presidential Series

The journeys of presidential aspirants, whose stories intertwine with Kenya’s history, are explored in these compelling profiles. …

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One In A Million? Comparing The Side Effects And Potential Risks Of The COVID-19 Vaccines

Nearly a dozen countries resumed use of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine on Friday as EU and British regulators said the benefits of immunisation outweighed any risks. …

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Tracking The Vaccine Race

Vaccine development normally takes years, starting with preclinical laboratory work. But most pandemic vaccines are being tested in overlapping trial phases to compress the timeline. …

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Who Follows COVID-19 rules and Who Doesn’t? Kenya and Denmark Case Study

Why do some societies find it harder to wear masks, maintain social distancing and adhere to set curfews or lockdowns? It comes down to one simple but vital virtue that must be shared by members of one community- Trust. Debunk's ...…

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How hospitals pick which patient to prioritise during a surge

During a surge in the number of coronavirus patients, hospitals often have to prioritise who gets medical care first. But how do triage officers make these difficult decisions? …

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How to count an election

2020 has the potential to be a much different election than America has seen before …

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Forest Degradation is Threatening Kenya’s Rift Lakes

The water level at Kenya’s Lake Baringo has been rising gradually. The lake has burst its banks and is submerging houses, schools, hospitals, tourist lodges and highways. Scientists are concerned that the freshwater lake may soon merge with its southern ...…

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South Africa Investigates COVID-19 Corruption Scandal

As South Africa and Kenya begin investigations into corruption allegations surrounding Covid-19 funds, India has banned 118 apps from China and Uganda celebrates a baby boom; a gorilla baby boom. …

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Why Kenya’s Senate is Fighting Over a Revenue Sharing Formula

That's the number of times that Kenyan senators have failed to reach an agreement on a formula that would be used to share revenue between the 47 counties. The debate has been marred with controversy and allegations of political under-dealings. ...…

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