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Blog: Two Sides of The Coin

For three elections – the fresh presidential election on 26 October 2017 included – I have worked with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission as an electoral official, first as a Biometric Voter Registration clerk in the first ever electronic ...…

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2022, Kenya’s Second Most Expensive Election 

At an average cost of about KSh. 2,000 per voter, the August 9 general election is one of the most expensive elections in Africa and the second most expensive in Kenya. …

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2022, A Win for Intersex Persons 

Until 2019, intersex persons were not officially recognised in Kenya’s national population data.  But during the Housing and Population Census held that year, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) included a marker for a third gender which signaled a ...…

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2022, What’s in it for the Women?

At 49.12% of the registered voters, women make up almost half of the electorate, and thus any serious political contender must go the extra mile in seeking to appease such a significant national constituency. …

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Gas Imeisha? Tales of Kenya’s LPG Price Hikes

Unlike super petrol, diesel and kerosene, the price of LPG is not regulated. The retail price of cooking gas is at the whims of importers, who often adjust the prices based on the forces of supply and demand. This has ...…

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Kenya’s Scrap Metal Survivalists

Back in October 2007, Kenya amended the Scrap Metal Act of 1959 abolishing the requirement for a licence for one to deal in scrap metal. As a result, the industry was buffeted by criminal elements who vandalise the country’s road ...…

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Russia, Ukraine and Kenya’s Chapati Woes

Should Ukraine be driven to its knees, Kenya is bound to suffer major setbacks. The Cost of bread and wheat flour goes up. Kenya relies on imported wheat from Ukraine and Russia to meet its annual demand of 1.2 million metric ...…

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Kenya’s Leaking Debt Ceiling 

According to the treasury, the increase in public debt is attributable to external loan disbursements, exchange rate fluctuations, and an uptake of domestic debt. And although the increasing debt has raised alarm, instead of triggering triage from the government side, ...…

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How TikTok Got Infested 

You get on Tiktok for a minute, and by the time you look up from your phone, three days have gone by. I am willing to place a wager that it is only a matter of time before TikTok 'verbs-up', ...…

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Why your Christmas is more expensive this year

Why your Christmas is More Expensive This Year

The festive season is always a stir-up of activity, over-the-top Christmas decorations, upcountry travels, lots of foods, and Boney M on repeat, the ultimate Kenyan Christmas tradition. But as data shows, price increases seem to be a steady part of ...…

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