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Watt Happened?

Kenya has been plunged into a couple of power outages in the past, the most recent one being on 11 January 2022. Kenya Power said the power outage was as a result of collapse of the towers that support a ...…

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Why are Kenyan Students Burning Schools?

In 2021, Kenyan secondary schools were plagued with numerous fires that led to the loss of property worth millions and the loss of innocent lives. With the education of thousands hanging in the line, questions are arising. Who is to ...…

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Military Coup in Sudan

Sudan experienced a military coup on October 25th. This kind of unrest is not new to Sudan. In April 2019, Omar Al-Bashir, who was wanted by the international criminal court over war crime charges, was ousted. His removal from the ...…

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Why Africa is Lagging Behind in the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

Vaccination remains one of the most important measures to contain COVID-19. Because of this, countries have been in a race to procure enough vaccines to inoculate their populations. Africa’s overall rate of 3.2% contrasts sharply with that of the rest ...…

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