Can You Mix COVID Vaccines?  

Although studies show that mixing the vaccines generates a strong immune system, there might also be resultant short-term side effects such as; not feeling well or a low-grade fever after the second dose.

Why Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Requires Special Syringes  

Because it's narrower, the low-dead volume syringes, which are small in size, trap less liquid between the plunger and the tip of the needle after a dose is expelled. The plungers slide all the way ...

One In A Million? Comparing The Side Effects And Potential Risks Of The COVID-19 Vaccines

Nearly a dozen countries resumed use of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine on Friday as EU and British regulators said the benefits of immunisation outweighed any risks.

The Case For A People’s Vaccine

If there’s anything the COVID-19 pandemic was supposed to teach us, it was that we either stick together or get hanged separately.

‘‘Tusiogope Chanjo’’ Revisiting Vaccine Hesitancy in Kenya

As the Covid-19 pandemic ravaged the world, the biggest concern was finding a possible cure or the closest to it, a vaccine.

Why The Curfew Is Here To Stay

Majority of Kenyans came to the slippery conclusion that COVID-19 was exiting the country. Citizens became lax with the rules - planning and attending overcrowded social functions and absconding on facemasks.

 The Virus with Different Coats

Once a virus enters the human body, it crafts a way to survive the vicious attacks from the ever vigilant immune system.

BBI Debunked: Unpacking the Amendment Bill

What exactly is BBI? This January, in a 7-part series. Debunk breaks down the bill seeking to amend one of Africa's progressive constitutions. Premiers, Sunday 10th January, 8pm.

Tracking The Vaccine Race

Vaccine development normally takes years, starting with preclinical laboratory work. But most pandemic vaccines are being tested in overlapping trial phases to compress the timeline.

Kenya’s Mounting Crisis of Unemployment

Between April and June 2020, 1.7 million Kenyans lost their jobs.