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“Play, Don’t Talk.” The Gagging Crisis in Sports

When Mesut Ozil tendered his resignation from the German National Team in 2018, citing racial abuse and discrimination, he attracted worldwide criticism and acclaim in equal measure. Ozil’s decision, conveyed in an impassioned statement on his social media pages, was ...…

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Je, Suluhu Atafuata Nyayo Za Pombe?

A stark contrast to her predecessor, Samia has Tanzania and the world eager for how she will handle issues that Magufuli once dealt with in an unorthodox way. …

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When Kamba Athletes Ruled The Track

When Eliud Kipchoge broke the sub-two-hour marathon record, scientists and veteran athletes could only revere the feat that was once deemed impossible. …

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Khalid Jumaan’s New Lease Of Life

“Everywhere I went, there were two things: A mosque and a football field.”These have been Khalid Jumaan’s constants regardless of where he was in the world …

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“Mababi Hawajui Ball”: Class Conflict In Kenyan Football

While sports is a matter of grit and gut, footballers from plush backgrounds find it hard to break even in the local scene. And even when they do, they face prejudice from coaches and teammates alike. …

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