Tracking The Vaccine Race

Vaccine development normally takes years, starting with preclinical laboratory work. But most pandemic vaccines are being tested in overlapping trial phases to compress the timeline.

Answering your Questions about Lake Baringo

Are tectonic movements at the Rift Valley to blame for the lake's rising water levels? How are the animals surviving these changes?

Something Strange is Happening to Lake Baringo

Lake Baringo’s water levels have been rising over the past couple of months following heavy rainfall. Many residents have been left homeless, with businesses that once flourished now drowned slowly by the lake’s waters. Schools ...

How Kenyan Workers are Trafficked Abroad.

Kenya is a country of origin, transit and destination for human trafficking. There have been many reports over the years about Kenyans migrant workers being mistreated in the Gulf States, especially those in the domestic ...

Coronavirus shocks to fuel years of unrest and hunger in poorest economies

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Economic shocks caused by the new coronavirus are set to fuel poverty