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Njonjo Mue takes us back to a magical time when he felt the first flutterings of tender teenage love.
I don’t remember how it all started, but all I know is that by the second term in Form One, I was Kakamega High School’s high priest of romance. A word charmer. A paper contortionist of matters sensual. A lovesmith hammering out lines on an anvil.  My task was simple. For a quarter of a bofl



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It had been about three months since I played in an orchestra.…
In his Odinare Rap Challenge entry, Naivasha based rapper, Ace Bornzilla, makes a declaration, “Toka Vasho finest hip-ho…
I like to think of opening acts at music concerts as starter meals. Typically, starters are consumed in anticipation of …
Since Wangechi stepped into the Kenyan rap scene with her unique flow and energy, and lyrics containing a confessional f…
He was in essence Grandmaster Bullets . . . or Grandmaster Sparks . . . I will never know.…
For a brief moment in 2003, my favourite musician, E-Sir, would come back from the dead. It had been a few months since …

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(Koko, Udo, Karwitha, Mercy, Kabi and Waiyaki) Conversations With Queer Africans On Family and Friendship A series of interviews done over Instagram, voice notes and calls with beloved strangers. Each respondent is in conversation with Angel Lovely and in turn, in conversation with each other. Th