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Mathare, Makadara and the Embakasis

I made these logs on Wednesday 10 August 2022, the day after the general election, while monitoring the status of tallying in seven constituency tallying centers across Nairobi County. The following were my observations throughout the day: …

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Blog: Long Queues in Mathare

o650 hrs: I’m at St. Teresa’s Girls’ High School in the Mathare Constituency of Nairobi County. The polling station is roaring with life. A big confusion looms. People are confused as to how to identify their voting booths.    There ...…

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The Nine Lives of Kiamaiko Slaughterhouses

Bayana maintains that Nema has become too hasty and radical in its approach. He tells me that the deadline issued demonstrates a government whose priorities are reversed. Unsettling a whole community’s economy, he explains, will come at a great cost ...…

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Mukuru’s Wars and Woes 

The case of forced evictions - or threats of the same - in informal settlements isn’t new to Mukuru or Nairobi. In August 1996, the eviction of 20,000 people from the Mukuru shantytown was ordered by the Moi regime and ...…

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On Voter Apathy. Is Anyone Listening?

There’s certainly a plethora of reasons why this particular section of Kenyans is indifferent to electoral politics, one of them (if not key among them) being the unassailable view that the outcome of a Kenyan election (especially at the presidential ...…

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Hope, A Kianjokoma Declaration

The Mothers of Victims and Survivors Network (MVSN) embodies the hope that a few determined women might be able to beat the system some of the time. One of the major revelations of the reckonings of the past years is ...…

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Labour of Love: A Tale of Kenya’s Unseen Healthcare Heroes

The Nairobi County Government has over time promised CHVs a stipend, a promise which has never materialized. But CHVs aren’t giving up hope. Soon, their weekly brief was over. With their agenda set, the gathering exited the church, like troops ...…

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The One Day You Shouldn’t Let Them Take Away From You

Knowing that most states across the world remain violent and tyrannical, workers who make up majority of the citizenry must embrace eternal vigilance. …

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