On Voter Apathy. Is Anyone Listening?

3 February 2022
There’s certainly a plethora of reasons why this particular section of Kenyans is indifferent to electoral politics, one of them (if not key among them) being the unassailable view that the outcome of a Kenyan election (especially at the presidential ...
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The Lessons We Missed in Matungu and Kabuchai

30 August 2021
The role of the police during elections is to safeguard the right to vote by providing security to voters and guarding ballots. History has however shown that the police are occasionally misused to either interfere with or prevent voters from ...
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Degrees and the degree of Uheshimiwa in Kenya

27 July 2021
It must be remembered that vying to be a mheshimiwa is a political right secured under the CoK 2010 (Article 38). As has been shown above, less than four per cent (4%) of Kenyans have university degrees. This number is ...
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Reporting Under Museveni’s Darkness

9 February 2021
On January 11, Facebook shut down accounts suspected to be pushing the governing National Resistance Movement’s propaganda. To retaliate, President Yoweri Museveni ordered the complete shutdown of Facebook in Uganda.   ...
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Museveni Gives Birth To A Better Version Of Himself 

19 January 2021
All indicators are that President Museveni was jittery about facing the first time MP in a free and fair contest if events preceding the elections and whatever happened on election day and thereafter are anything to go by. ...
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Why The Ugandan Elections Matter

14 January 2021
    One of Uganda’s most turbulent presidential election campaigns came to a close on Tuesday, 12 January 2021. As the curtains fell, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni deployed a couple dozen military tanks on the last day of campaigns, coming ...
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How to count an election

3 November 2020
2020 has the potential to be a much different election than America has seen before ...
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Election Jitters in Ivory Coast & Tanzania, U.S police shootings

1 September 2020
As another round of #BlackLivesMatter protests hit the U.S, Tanzania’s opposition politicians decried intimidation ahead of October elections. Missed this week’s big stories? Here’s a 3-minute recap #TheWeekin3 ...
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