Stutchbury’s Slaying is Deja Vu for Environmental Crimes in Kenya

26 July 2021
Stutchbury’s murder has shaken the conservation world, and understandably so because since time immemorial, Kenya has stayed on the wrong side of this fight. ...
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Johannes Albertus Myburgh: South Africa’s Towering Surgeon

6 July 2021
And so the day to perform the first renal transplant in South Africa came. Ready with his team which included American transplant expert Prof Thomas Strazl, the procedure began. It was a demanding process; failure was not an option. ...
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The Doctor Alleviating Sexual Violence in DRC

27 May 2021
Dr. Mukwege’s initial goal was to set up a maternity wing, which came complete with surgical rooms. ...
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Work, Play and Forever After: When Couples Work Together

27 May 2021
As they work to stamp their prowess in the acting industry both locally and internationally, they reminisce about the growth they have made in separating work from their relationship. ...
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Championing For Mental Health Care In Somalia

23 May 2021
The Habeeb Mental Hospital in Mogadishu opened its doors to those with mental illness and personality disorders, admitting approximately a total of 30 patients soon after. ...
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Kenya’s Pioneer World Volleyball Instructor

20 May 2021
Mabwi’s career in volleyball started on a lukewarm note at Friends School Kaimosi Girls during her ‘O’ levels (secondary school) education from 1982 to 1985. ...
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Onwards and Upwards: The Story of Ghana’s Pioneer Female Physician

19 May 2021
On a warm day in Accra in 1947, Susan Ofori-Atta stepped off a plane having returned to the Gold Coast from Edinburgh University Medical School. Among her belongings was a medical degree. She had come back home as the first ...
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So Long, Lorna

23 March 2021
Lorna raised a generation of us in the school that was her life, showing us time and again that we are more than our physical condition. ...
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Who Created the Mask?

22 July 2020
Have you ever wondered who created the mask and why it's important during health pandemics? 😷 Patrick Gatua explores. ...
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