Brothers, Please Spare Us These Fashion Faux Pas


Brothers, Please Spare Us These Fashion Faux Pas

Every woman has that one thing she will notice first in a man, and depending on what the guy looks like, it could be a turn-on or a turn-off. We’re almost coming to the end of the first half of 2021, and I have decided to push my writing limits a bit and give some men’s-style tips. This week, we discuss the 9 things men wear that women absolutely cannot stand. I should put a disclaimer that these are my personal observations from the various groups of women I have interacted with and is not an analysis of the opinion of all women.

To start off, let’s agree that men always want to feel comfortable in whatever they put on and hope it makes them look good. However, it would be very imprudent to do this at the expense of their love lives. It is fair to not care what people think of our dressing, but we do not exist in a vacuum; we share our lives with other people consciously or unconsciously. For this reason, I believe in finding ways to balance maintaining our individual styles and dressing how we’d like the world to take us, seriously or not!

And so without further ado, let’s get right into it.


Socks and flip-flops 

Honestly, there is no easy way to say this. Socks and flip-flops are a complete eyesore that should never have been invented. Socks are meant to protect your feet from the cold, while sandals and crocs are intended to keep your feet open and cool around the house. Therefore, it beats the point to have both at the same time. I mean, aesthetically speaking, it looks good on Chris Brown but let’s be honest, there’s only one of him, so….

Pairing them while indoors at home works perfectly fine but let’s leave it at that.



Trousers too tight

One female friend of mine once said she liked skinny dudes, and then one of my male friends mistook that for dressing in skinny jeans that required the use of soap, baby oil and 2 sets of hands to put on and take off. I’m sure you can guess what happened. Lol!  Here is the rule of thumb. If you cannot pinch one inch of your trouser from your thighs, it is probably too tight (try it.) The only time women want to see a man’s butt is at a rugby game. (wink)

Sagging trousers

Sagging trousers originated in American prisons because they did not have belts. This became a fashion trend in the late ’90s, majorly adopted by hip-hop artists.  However, we are now in 2021, so if you still practice this, you seriously do not wish yourself any good in the ladies’ department. Belt up. It’s classy.

Wearing sunglasses indoors

I know I’ve previously said here that sunglasses are a style secret but not indoors people! We know celebrities and superstars get away with having sunglasses anywhere and everywhere. Newsflash, it is just for the gram and glam! Do not follow trends blindly (pun intended). Sunglasses indoors make you look arrogant, and make you come across as if you’re trying too hard. I’m sure you have some nice-looking eyes under those sunnies. Why don’t you let us see them? *wink*

Also, just respect sunglasses for their intended purpose; the definition is in the name. 

Tight T-shirts with Deep V-necks

You’ve been hitting the gym, eating your proteins, and built some muscles that you’d like to show off. However, a man-cleavage isn’t the way to go. A T-shirt that’s too tight emphasizes your upper body muscles but also lets us know if you’ve been skipping leg days. So please switch the Tee with a well-fitted dress shirt, and have a V-neck underneath to absorb the sweat. Trust me, we will still see the muscles. *wink* 

Style tip: Less is more. Leave some room for imagination.


Torn clothes

Kanye may have turned hobo outfits into fashion, but it doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Looking homeless isn’t sexy; it never will be. If you happen to have a missing button, a rip in your pants, or some form of clothes damage, get it fixed. We can tell the difference between ripped jeans and torn jeans. Lol!

Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle/GC Images

Street drip

‘Drip Is Forever’ has become the excuse for some fashion catastrophes in the streets. The cross-body bags that look like red-cross first aid vests to shoes with soles the size of tractor wheels and multiple luminous colors. Lord have mercy!

Streetstyle was something I loved a year ago but now not so much, especially the men’s version. Adding one or two pieces from streetwear to your style is fine, if and only if it works for your personal style. However, a whole combination of everything trending can be an eyesore and gains you zero points with the ladies.

Pit-stained Shirts

This is probably the fastest way to drive away a lady. If you sweat a lot, which isn’t a crime but a natural body function, get yourself good quality vests and V-necks to help absorb the sweat before it settles on your shirt. A good deodorant would be a wise investment too. Wash your shirts using the relevant bleaches and detergents plus fabric softeners to make sure they look clean and crisp. 

Style tip– ALWAYS iron your shirts. It’s a lowkey turn-on! Nobody likes a creased shirt.


Too much cologne

This last one is not a clothing item. However, cologne plays a vital role in your overall look and feel. A man who smells good will most definitely and almost too quickly get my attention. But too much of it gives me allergies and then drives me away fast! There is a thin line between a seductive scent and outright choking us. Here’s a tip on the regions to wear cologne. Pick heat-producing parts of your body, like behind the ears, your inner wrists, the neck, and voila!



There goes my 9 things men wear that will most definitely drive the ladies away. I hope this comes in handy to all the male readers as you build your personal style and work your strategy to get yourself a lady.  

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