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Brothers, Please Spare Us These Fashion Faux Pas

9 July 2021
To start off, let’s agree that men always want to feel comfortable in whatever they put on and hope it makes them look good. ...
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Style Secrets For Every Broke Girl

9 June 2021
No matter what you wear, beauty and radiance come from the inside. Wear confidence as your perfume every day; don't you dare leave the door without it. ...
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Are We Rocking The Tutu Skirt In 2021?

24 May 2021
Modern fashion has picked up the romantic tutu style and turned it into a must-have item in most girl's wardrobes; a unique fashion piece that transcends age, body shape, or body size. ...
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YOLO and Other Risky Stories

21 May 2021
Choosing someone to marry can become an overly complex process. You can take the “maximizing” approach by listing pros and cons, multiplying them by their probabilities, and adding the results thereof. ...
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The Anime Culture In Kenya

13 May 2021
Anime merchandise has also been very effective in attracting people to the genre. Pop up shops in the convention and online businesses which sell figurines and artefacts from different anime series have got fans hooked. The Nairobi Otaku shop and ...
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Is Time Running Out For Movie Hubs?

24 April 2021
When COVID-19 broke out, Jay’s business took a hit, like most other ventures. Things started to open up months later, but it wasn’t the case for Jay’s Movies. ...
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Nairobi’s Insatiable Appetite For Gossip

24 February 2021
Over time, certain blogs and social media pages have distinguished themselves as the default gossip mills, getting the most traffic whenever they spill the periodic tea. But beyond the substance of their gossip, these purveyors of gist have perfected the ...
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A Sentimental (Mis)education

14 February 2021
I remember writing my earnest missives in painstaking cursive on perfumed stationery, a skill that I honed to perfection over the years. Unfortunately, I would receive only abysmal penmanship and plagiarised poetry. ...
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TikTok Challenges: A Gateway To Our Inner Ratchet?

12 February 2021
The #silhouettechallenge has been dropping jaws and clothes in equal measure. Many say it’s a way of promoting body positivity. ...
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