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The Anime Culture In Kenya

Anime merchandise has also been very effective in attracting people to the genre. Pop up shops in the convention and online businesses which sell figurines and artefacts from different anime series have got fans hooked. The Nairobi Otaku shop and ...…

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Chadwick Didn’t Need An Oscar

Chadwick’s work on the silver screen has never fallen short of greatness. His portrayal of black historical icons always brought out an impressive performance after the next. …

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Is Time Running Out For Movie Hubs?

When COVID-19 broke out, Jay’s business took a hit, like most other ventures. Things started to open up months later, but it wasn’t the case for Jay’s Movies. …

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So Long, Lorna

Lorna raised a generation of us in the school that was her life, showing us time and again that we are more than our physical condition. …

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The Return Of The Hot Boy

‘Jahlil Beats Holla at me’ was an intro which got laods of fans of new school hip hop into a frenzy back in March 2014 when rapper Bobby Shmurda released his breakthrough hit Hot Nigga. Born Ackquille Pollard, Shmurda gave ...…

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Nairobi’s Insatiable Appetite For Gossip

Over time, certain blogs and social media pages have distinguished themselves as the default gossip mills, getting the most traffic whenever they spill the periodic tea. But beyond the substance of their gossip, these purveyors of gist have perfected the ...…

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TikTok Challenges: A Gateway To Our Inner Ratchet?

The #silhouettechallenge has been dropping jaws and clothes in equal measure. Many say it’s a way of promoting body positivity. …

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Rock Me Not Kanairo: Reminiscing The Nairobi Rock Scene

In the mid-2000s, one of the biggest rock events was born. Rocktoberfest took place at the Carnivore grounds and featured both established and breakout Kenyan Rock artists. …

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Black Tax is Killing Me

I head home feeling all pretty, enjoying the throwback R&B classics blaring from the speakers of the 111 Ngong nganya. I get a text notification from my brother, ‘please call me thank you’ it reads. Didn’t I send mother enough ...…

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