The Nine Lives of Kiamaiko Slaughterhouses

16 May 2022
Bayana maintains that Nema has become too hasty and radical in its approach. He tells me that the deadline issued demonstrates a government whose priorities are reversed. Unsettling a whole community’s economy, he explains, will come at a great cost ...
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Uko na Borehole? House (and Water) Hunting in Nairobi

12 May 2022
And yet the jerrican-syndrome is a familiar site in Nairobi, and not just in the sprawling Eastlands where I lived after campus. I stayed in the infamous Pipeline Estate, aka Pipu, that place where Breeder LW raps in Kalale: “Na ...
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Kenya’s Scrap Metal Survivalists

11 May 2022
Back in October 2007, Kenya amended the Scrap Metal Act of 1959 abolishing the requirement for a licence for one to deal in scrap metal. As a result, the industry was buffeted by criminal elements who vandalise the country’s road ...
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 What the Experts Say About School Unrest 

2 March 2022
The debate on school unrest can easily get convoluted, with different players pointing fingers at each other. The reports offer many solutions - many of which we have not explored here. One is left wondering what should be the priority. ...
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Kenya’s Leaking Debt Ceiling 

24 February 2022
According to the treasury, the increase in public debt is attributable to external loan disbursements, exchange rate fluctuations, and an uptake of domestic debt. And although the increasing debt has raised alarm, instead of triggering triage from the government side, ...
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Mukuru’s Wars and Woes 

24 February 2022
The case of forced evictions - or threats of the same - in informal settlements isn’t new to Mukuru or Nairobi. In August 1996, the eviction of 20,000 people from the Mukuru shantytown was ordered by the Moi regime and ...
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Alcohol Enemas: The Dangerous Way to Get Drunk 

16 February 2022
Vodka tampons or butt chugging (used by men to introduce alcohol into the rectum via the anus i.e. as an enema)—depending on what you call it—allows the alcohol to bypass the liver’s filtering and metabolic processes so that the ethanol ...
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How TikTok Got Infested 

17 January 2022
You get on Tiktok for a minute, and by the time you look up from your phone, three days have gone by. I am willing to place a wager that it is only a matter of time before TikTok 'verbs-up', ...
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Why your Christmas is More Expensive This Year

24 December 2021
The festive season is always a stir-up of activity, over-the-top Christmas decorations, upcountry travels, lots of foods, and Boney M on repeat, the ultimate Kenyan Christmas tradition. But as data shows, price increases seem to be a steady part of ...
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Sinking in the Abyss of Loan Apps

1 September 2021
While it might be unrealistic to require everyone to understand the deeper workings of finance, basic working knowledge is becoming imperative. The government, too, has to come up with regulations that safeguard citizens’ financial wellbeing in this cutthroat lending industry. ...
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