Why your Christmas is More Expensive This Year

24 December 2021
The festive season is always a stir-up of activity, over-the-top Christmas decorations, upcountry travels, lots of foods, and Boney M on repeat, the ultimate Kenyan Christmas tradition. But as data shows, price increases seem to be a steady part of ...
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Sinking in the Abyss of Loan Apps

1 September 2021
While it might be unrealistic to require everyone to understand the deeper workings of finance, basic working knowledge is becoming imperative. The government, too, has to come up with regulations that safeguard citizens’ financial wellbeing in this cutthroat lending industry. ...
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Leadership ≠ To Being Male

26 August 2021
The story of a woman disguising herself as a man to attain her goals extends further than the legend of Mulan. Margaret Bulkley may mean nothing to most people, but the name Dr.James Barry to historians may remind them of ...
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Gender Based Violence: A Shadow Pandemic

23 August 2021
Gender-Based Violence is one of the most persistent violations of human rights across the globe and has been reported to be much higher within marginalized populations. Before lockdowns were being implemented around the world, 243 million women had been reported ...
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Labour of Love: A Tale of Kenya’s Unseen Healthcare Heroes

16 August 2021
The Nairobi County Government has over time promised CHVs a stipend, a promise which has never materialized. But CHVs aren’t giving up hope. Soon, their weekly brief was over. With their agenda set, the gathering exited the church, like troops ...
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My Beef With Kenyan Weddings

30 July 2021
I am at that age where adulting is doing that weird thing to me. All I want to do is get married. And if murmurs from my workmates are anything to go by, I make for an awesome office husband, ...
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Modern Medicine’s Egyptian Roots

15 July 2021
Much more can be said about the premier of medicine in Egypt, and the successes of then – but the practice was not without errors. ...
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Cage Aquaculture and Lake Victoria’s Dwindling Stock

12 July 2021
In addition to the economic factors, the government of Kenya previously paid keen attention to the Lake Victoria resource. Policies such as the ban on fishing activities between April and August each year allowed the lake to restock, since this ...
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Human Rights In The Time Of Covid-19

5 July 2021
The unprecedented virus leaves us with several questions including whether we are supposed to talk of human rights when confronted with a pandemic ...
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Love By Any Other Name

10 June 2021
However, the violence meted against the LGBTQI+ community in Kenya cannot go unnoticed. Whether physical or emotional, members of this community are easy targets for attacks by sanctimonious people. This violence is often camouflaged in religious claptrap, with the perpetrators ...
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