Believe It or Not, Embarambamba Is Us

9 June 2021
We are the chicken thief, condemning the egg thief, sounding like the man wearing a balaclava at the scene of a bank robbery with his pockets filed with banknotes, ...
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Detention of Patients Pending Payment of Bills is Unconstitutional

8 June 2021
In passing the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Kenyans dreamt of a document that would correct the injustices of the past and build a new Republic which puts the vulnerable and downtrodden (Hohehahe) at the center of statehood and not the ...
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Using Community Radio To Bridge Mental Health Gaps

31 May 2021
When mental health is left unattended by all stakeholders, it could lead to economic losses due to loss of productivity and reduced contribution to societal development. ...
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The One Day You Shouldn’t Let Them Take Away From You

21 May 2021
Knowing that most states across the world remain violent and tyrannical, workers who make up majority of the citizenry must embrace eternal vigilance. ...
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Why I have No Shame In My Tinder Game

8 May 2021
My presence on Tinder has never been as unintentional as the people who write, "I lost a dare, that is why I am here." ...
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Guardians Of The Ovaries

6 May 2021
Reproductive health rights for women have become so intertwined with patriarchal demands that they can barely be separated. ...
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The Lap Of Luxury

4 May 2021
Maybe we should’ve listened to Ray Charles when he said we should live each day as if it’s our last, because one day it will be. ...
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Breaking Women’s Backs

8 March 2021
Women continue spending hundreds of hours weekly in search of water, instead of investing that time in income-generating activities which  can improve living standards. ...
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How The Rare Rothschild Giraffes Were Rescued from Lake Baringo

7 January 2021
The Rothschild giraffe, also known as the Baringo giraffe is a subspecies of the Northern giraffe. It was named after Lionel Walter Rothschild, a British zoologist, who first described the subspecies in the late 1800s. ...
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