The Virus with Different Coats

15 January 2021
Once a virus enters the human body, it crafts a way to survive the vicious attacks from the ever vigilant immune system. ...
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How The Rare Rothschild Giraffes Were Rescued from Lake Baringo

7 January 2021
The Rothschild giraffe, also known as the Baringo giraffe is a subspecies of the Northern giraffe. It was named after Lionel Walter Rothschild, a British zoologist, who first described the subspecies in the late 1800s. ...
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Kenya’s School Calendar Explained

5 January 2021
After a 10-month long break, its back to school for millions of pupils across the country. However, the resumption is far from normal as learners and ...
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Who Follows COVID-19 rules and Who Doesn’t? Kenya and Denmark Case Study

23 November 2020
Why do some societies find it harder to wear masks, maintain social distancing and adhere to set curfews or lockdowns? It comes down to one simple but vital virtue that must be shared by members of one community- Trust. Debunk's ...
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“This Thing Almost Killed Me”

15 November 2020
Reflections from a young Kenyan man who survived COVID-19. ...
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Answering your Questions about Lake Baringo

5 October 2020
Are tectonic movements at the Rift Valley to blame for the lake's rising water levels? How are the animals surviving these changes? ...
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Something Strange is Happening to Lake Baringo

5 October 2020
Lake Baringo’s water levels have been rising over the past couple of months following heavy rainfall. Many residents have been left homeless, with businesses that once flourished now drowned slowly by the lake’s waters. Schools and hospitals, the very lifeline ...
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How Kenyan Workers are Trafficked Abroad.

28 September 2020
Kenya is a country of origin, transit and destination for human trafficking. There have been many reports over the years about Kenyans migrant workers being mistreated in the Gulf States, especially those in the domestic sector. Debunk takes a look ...
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Are the President’s Orders Effective?

21 September 2020
From executive orders to presidential directives, Kenya's president Uhuru Kenyatta is famous for his strong-worded instructions to investigating and prosecuting agencies. But are these orders legal and are they effective? ...
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Forest Degradation is Threatening Kenya’s Rift Lakes

15 September 2020
The water level at Kenya’s Lake Baringo has been rising gradually. The lake has burst its banks and is submerging houses, schools, hospitals, tourist lodges and highways. Scientists are concerned that the freshwater lake may soon merge with its southern ...
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