Detention of Patients Pending Payment of Bills is Unconstitutional

My Beef With Kenyan Weddings

I am at that age where adulting is doing that weird thing to me. All I want to do is get married. And if murmurs from my workmates are anything to go by, I make ...

Modern Medicine’s Egyptian Roots

Much more can be said about the premier of medicine in Egypt, and the successes of then – but the practice was not without errors.

Cage Aquaculture and Lake Victoria’s Dwindling Stock

In addition to the economic factors, the government of Kenya previously paid keen attention to the Lake Victoria resource. Policies such as the ban on fishing activities between April and August each year allowed the ...

Human Rights In The Time Of Covid-19

The unprecedented virus leaves us with several questions including whether we are supposed to talk of human rights when confronted with a pandemic

Love By Any Other Name

However, the violence meted against the LGBTQI+ community in Kenya cannot go unnoticed. Whether physical or emotional, members of this community are easy targets for attacks by sanctimonious people. This violence is often camouflaged in ...

Believe It or Not, Embarambamba Is Us

We are the chicken thief, condemning the egg thief, sounding like the man wearing a balaclava at the scene of a bank robbery with his pockets filed with banknotes,
Detention of Patients Pending Payment of Bills is Unconstitutional

Detention of Patients Pending Payment of Bills is Unconstitutional

In passing the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Kenyans dreamt of a document that would correct the injustices of the past and build a new Republic which puts the vulnerable and downtrodden (Hohehahe) at the center ...
How Radio is Helping Kibera Residents Cope With Mental Health

Using Community Radio To Bridge Mental Health Gaps

When mental health is left unattended by all stakeholders, it could lead to economic losses due to loss of productivity and reduced contribution to societal development.

The One Day You Shouldn’t Let Them Take Away From You

Knowing that most states across the world remain violent and tyrannical, workers who make up majority of the citizenry must embrace eternal vigilance.

Why I have No Shame In My Tinder Game

My presence on Tinder has never been as unintentional as the people who write, "I lost a dare, that is why I am here."