Unstereotyped: Swiry Nyar Kano.


Unstereotyped: Swiry Nyar Kano.

Despite fate having it different for Vivian Taabu, well known as Swiry Nyar Kano, always knew greatness was within. Born in Nairobi and growing up first in Mathare and later in Kisumu, Swiry grew up knowing the screen was dedicated to people of a different colour shade than her.

Media convinced her that our heritage was limited and belonged at the back of the room. It wasn’t until she owned her ‘African-ness’ through learning from her grandmother and other scholars that she began to discover the greatness and reverence of Africa.

Today Sweerie has dedicated her life to educating and de-colonizing the African mind. Walk with her on #Unstereotyped as she takes us through monumental moments and places that made her who she is today.

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