What to Get the Boys for Valentines


What to Get the Boys for Valentines

“Men are so hard to shop for…” But are they?

In all honesty, gifting your man does not have to be a headache, especially if you took a minute to really think about it. Recently, I learnt albeit belatedly that the pitfall for most of us in relationships is to gift our significant other based on our own individual love language as opposed to theirs – talk of projecting. Such that if my love language is receiving gifts, then I will end up gifting my partner thinking that that is the best thing to do, yet probably they prefer quality time or acts of service. And so the first step in getting better at gifting your partner is unpacking their tastes and preferences, interests, and love languages. That way, whatever we end up gifting them on special occasions (or just any ordinary day when we feel moved) will come across as an expression of love and care as opposed to it feeling like a matter of routine.

Let’s think through an array of gifting possibilities this Valentines (as you think about what most suits your man – whether filially or romantically affiliated).


Beard Gang

If your partner is a member of the beard gang then this beard-care starter pack from Mandevu would be a fantastic way to introduce him to better care for his mane. It includes beard oil, beard wash, and a Mandevu beard brush. The starter pack costs approximately KSH 3,000. Oh and if he is already taking care of his beard, Mandevu has more beard care products at affordable prices.

Spa Day

If at any one point you felt bothered by your man’s ashy ankles, it’s time you get him the Luxe Nail Parlor Gents Affair package. They offer mani-pedi for the gentlemen at KSH 3,000. To make it less awkward, you could join him and make it a couple’s spa date.


Healthy Food Subscription

For those in Nairobi and its environs, whose men are conscious about health and wellness, this food subscription from Paula’s Fit kitchen is such a deal!

With KSH 5000, you get freshly cooked lunch and dinner meals for 10 weeks. So if your partner has been talking about eating healthy but seems kitchen-challenged, this is a perfect way to help them stay on track.

Gym Gear

Drinking water isn’t exactly a fun activity for everyone. Sometimes all you need is a little nudge: a reminder to hydrate. This 3in1 smart water bottle from Purpink is just perfect for that. Its features include hourly glows to remind you to drink more water, a bluetooth speaker and dancing lights, all going for less than KSH. 5000. A personalized gym/yoga mat, a month’s gym subscription or workout kits too could suffice.


Smart Tech

It goes without saying that tech gadgets are a fantastic gift choice for most men. A new phone or Playstation 5 might be a lot to ask for. However, a smart car charger with a wireless earbud that costs less than KSH 1500 will not break the bank. Not only is it a functional gadget, but it also has the unique feature of a wireless earbud.

Wireless Gadgets

Another unique and functional gadget is this wireless bamboo power bank. Aside from being a wireless power source, you get to have the person’s name engraved on it.


Gifts related to what he loves to do always hits that special spot.

If your partner likes to throw it down in the kitchen, add some personality to his kitchenware with this personalized chopping board.

Work Accessories

If you feel at a loss for ideas, a laptop bag is always a safe choice if his work has him carrying his laptop or lots of paperwork on a daily, a camera harness if he is a photographer and many more options. Don’t overthink it.



If you haven’t already gifted the man/men in your life with a watch, Enkata has some fantastic options and is currently running a Valentine’s Sale. Jump in on it.


Pairing a bracelet or two with your watch easily elevates your look. JewelryBox has some unique elastic bracelets that would fit just about anyone’s wrist and can be paired with any kind of watch. This, too, would work nicely for your man.

Shirt Accessories

Cufflinks are probably the most underrated of all of men’s accessories. However, they make a pretty solid fashion statement when rocked right. If your man is into them, then these engraved cufflinks from Purpink are just the right amount of class.


There are a plethora of options when it comes to subscriptions; from books to adventure trips to streaming services. So if you feel completely blank on what to get your man, then subscribe him to a service he often enjoys.

For an outdoorsy person, the one-month Lets Drift subscription would be a steal. For just KSH 1000, your partner gets to attend an unlimited number of trips to an array of destinations, FOR FREE! You can get him next month’s subscription since payment is to be done by the 5th of each month. This will give access to a variety of hiking trips every weekend all month, exclusive of transport.

For a reader, a book or monthly magazine subscription would be thoughtful. And it gets simpler, you could decide to pay for his Spotify or Netflix subscription. Again, don’t overthink it.


Game night at home

House of gamecards has a variety of indoor games; from card games to drinking games.

Do It Yourself Massage

If touch is his love language, you can’t go wrong with a simple massage. Just don’t break him. You could learn some simple techniques off YouTube.



I’m sure you know what drink is his poison, so go ahead and get him a costly one-off bottle of that something and watch his eyes shine. You have no idea how much power a solid Single Malt wields.

And just like the beat, the list goes on…


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