Blog: Just Another Mundane Day?



Blog: Just Another Mundane Day?

0420 hrs: I wake up to what seems a normal day. As I prepare to leave, I notice the absence of Matatu horns that usually go off in the distant Ngong around this time. Perhaps it’s because it’s a not just an elections day but it’s also a public holiday. 


The silence though is frequently interrupted by the sound of bodabodas passing the road nearby.


After confirming that my IEBC badge (the most important item for the day) is in my bag, I leave the house with one mission to cover Kenya’s 2022 General Election.


1150 hrs: At St. Peters Claver’s Primary School, Starehe Constituency, voters stream in and out.


I can’t help but notice a Parliamentary candidate’s campaign posters strewn all over the walls and entrance of the polling centre.


A Parliamentary candidate’s campaign posters strewn all over the walls and entrance of the polling centre. Photo by Felix Kiprono/Debunk Media

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